Fragmented Stories: Sofia/Berlin

04 July 2017

REGIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM - SOFIA presents the temporary exhibition "Fragmented Stories: Sofia/Berlin". It encompasses the works of 17 German artists, which deal with issues concerning the fragmented parts of time in reality and virtuality. The official opening is on July 6 2017 (Friday) at 19:00.

"Fragmented Stories: Sofia/Berlin" is a project that presents the works of 17 contemporary German artists. They express themselves and their ideas through various means - painting, photography, video, installation.

The main concept is the fragmentation of time and space due to the fast-paced modern life. The connections between actual and virtual, natural and urban, history and myth, seem to grow thinner. Based on this, the transition from one reality to the other becomes more and more achievable.

The official opening of the exhibition "Fragmented Stories: Sofia/Berlin" is on July 6 2017 (Thursday) at the Regional Historical Museum - Sofia (1 Banski Square) at 19:00. On the next day - July 7 2017 (Friday) at 18:00, the Goethe-Institut will open another part of the exhibition, under the same name - installations and a discussion with German guests. The exhibition will be on view until July 30 2017.

German artist whо will visit Sofia (Bulgaria): Andrea Schtreit, Andrea Sunder, Evelyn Sommerhoff, Jutta Barth, Marianne Gielen, Ina Lindemann, Peter Schlangenbader, Simone Kornfeld, Sebastian Kussenberg, Sigi Torinus, Sandra Becker, Jürgen Kellig, Vadim Zakharov, Ute Richter, SOOKI, Sabine Schneider, Peter Linderberg.

Bulgarian artist whо will visit Berlin (Germany): Elizabeth Thallauer, Vikenti Komitski, Boris Pramatarov, Deyan Yanev, Milena Neubert, Sandra Stoycheva, Magdalena Nikolova, Neli Georgieva, Irma Vodeva, Antoaneta Galabova, Kalina Dimitrova, Desislava Unger, Christo Guelov, Radostina Doganva, Ivan Kostolov, Zara Alexandrova.

"Fragmented Stories: Sofia/Berlin" is a project of the non-profit organization "So Close, So Far" in partnership with the Union of Berlin Artists, Regional Historical Museum – Sofia, Goethe-Institut, Aurubis Bulgaria. It consists of two parts - two collective exhibitions. The first is the temporary exhibition of contemporary German artists in Sofia during July. The second is the visit of Bulgarian artists in Berlin in September and October 2017. The two exhibitions show the connection between the fragments displayed in both places.

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