Exhibition "The Temple, the Time and Us"

31 August 2017

REGIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM-SOFIA presents the exhibition "The Temple, the Time and Us". The official opening will be on September 5 2017 (Tuesday) at 6 pm. The temporary exhibition "The Temple, the Time and Us" focuses on the works of some of the most famous artists and chroniclers, who have painted the Basilica "St. Sopia". Among them are: Joseph Oberbauer, Josef Pitter, Otto Horaishi, Petar Morozov, Marin Ustaenov, Vasil Zahariev, Haralampi Tachev, Tsanko Lavrenov and others. The works are in different techniques: paintings, graphics and drawings. Further information can be found in the accompanying explanatory texts, biographical references for the artists, explorers of the Basilica "St. Sopia", the famous people living near the temple, the documentary photographs.

The timeline, the basis on which the exhibition unfolds, is represented by different arts and historical references. It demonstrates the dynamics, complexity and diversity of the historical and political processes, which unfolded within a century.

This recent period of history is marked by several wars. They are related both to the above-mentioned thematic problems and to the development of Bulgarian art during the period (with the life of the artists who have found inspiration in the image of the Basilica "St. Sopia", as well as the archaeological research and the restoration activities of the monument). Among the aims of the exhibition is to trace the history of the archaeological excavations of the necropolis, amongst which the church was erected. Exhibits found under and around the basilica, such as the silver reliquary found in 1893 (provided by the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology), will be on displayed.

The exhibition will open on September 5 2017 (Tuesday) at 6 pm in the Temporary Exhibitions Hall of the Regional Historical Museum-Sofia.

Organizers of the exhibition: Sofia Municipality and Regional Historical Museum-Sofia. Partners: Sofia City Art Gallery, National Institute and Museum of Archaeology, National Academy of Arts.

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